Having fun with food! Whet your appetite for rad kids gear with the kablooie style guide! (part 3)

Hey!  We’re up to week three of the Kablooie winter style guide, and this week is all about food! [And yay that my website is working this week! 🙌🏻]

I hope these flatlays get you hungry for some fun food themed style!!  😆 As always, click the links below the flatlays and you’ll head straight to the source of all these products. It’s definitely worth checking out some of these – many are from micro handmade businesses who are rocking their style. 👌🏻  Have fun, and don’t forget to EAT YOUR GREENS!


Mix tape backpack http://www.homeishere.bigcartel.com | bug tags http://www.instagram.com/funkylittlestreetdeers | bow headband http://www.candcokids.com.au | red scarf http://www.scruffcandy.bigcartel.com | cardigan http://www.piperandike.com.au | vegemite toast bodysuit http://www.abstreetwear.com| banana socks http://www.candcokids.com.au | ballet flats http://www.cottonon.com | Eat Your Greens skirt http://www.kablooiestore.com |

I’m crushing on Hey Jude Kids sweater tees right now – so many rad prints!  Check these out!

Lightning bolt tee http://www.Instagram.com/heyjudekids | zebra print bow tie http://www.boutiquelittleones.etsy.com | raptor beads http://www.critterz.bigcartel.com | pizza Headwrap http://www.topknotgirl.com.au | Chips Tee http://www.instagram.com/heyjudekids| Fire Engine Red skirt http://www.kablooiestore.com | Pink desert boots http://www.poppeto.com | rad backpack http://www.homeishere.bigcartel.com | silver gumboots http://www.cottonon.com | Eat You Greens shorts http://www.kablooiestore.com|


Wanna add a little bit of sparkle to your wardrobe?  Check this one out!

Striped Cap http://www.beauhudson.co | jet and motorbike manlaces  http://www.instagram.com/_bear_and_cub | pompom beanie http://www.hopscotchbaby.madefreshly.com| pizza bodysuit http://www.abstreetwear.com | leopard print shoes http://www.justray.bigcartel.com | Copper Dream skirt http://www.kablooiestore.com | navy gold spot vest http://www.sossieandbee.etsy.com | denim high tops http://www.cottonon.com | Boho Feather skirt http://www.kablooiestore.com | style like you mean it! Tee http://www.fromzion.com.au |

Wanna have a go at a food themed flatlay yourself?  I’ll be having some fun on Instagram soon with food themed flatlays – come get your flatlay on and join us! 👌🏻🍒🍠🍆🍌🍍🍇🍉🍕🍔🍟🍤🍖🍞



Bold, bright and quirky! A fun winter style guide for the cool kids

Kablooie!! facebook banne

🔥STYLE 🔥So what are the cool kids wearing this winter?  Everything!! They’re not following trends, they’re setting them!

Funky pattern and colour mixing, layering to the MAX, and mashups of popular styles is their jam. 💥👊🏻  Over the top, bold and quirky, with the perfect mix of staple pieces and small micro labels!

Kablooie is kicking off winter in style with a mini series of FOUR winter style guides.  A mix of themed mood boards, flatlays and real outfit shots – an eclectic mix of style, colour and fun!

Flatlays include links for each item, so you can shop the look. Settle in and enjoy the ride peeps! Let’s kick it off with…

COLOUR CRUSH! Go completely overboard with colour! 💥👊🏻

Splosh Skirt http://www.kablooiestore.com| Hopscotch Baby Bloomers http://www.hopscotchbaby.madefreshly.com|   Headwrap http://www.zurimoon.bigcartel.com|   65 Roses Little Trinket Necklace http://www.trinketstore.com.au|   Reversible Bandana Bib http://www.pikanini.com.au|   Icecream Melt socks http://www.justray.com.au|  Desert Boots http://www.poppeto.com|  Gnome Vest http://www.sossieandbee.etsy.com|  Pompom Cat Shirt http://www.target.com.au|


GLITTER BOMB OF GLORY! ✨✨✨ Every funky sparkle you can imagine!

Gold Spot Skirt http://www.kablooiestore.com| Unicorn Necklace http://www.critterz.bigcartel.com | Poncho and Leg Warmers http://www.crabappletree.net | Silver Backpack http://www.homeishere.bigcartel.com| Lightning Sweater http://www.heyjude.bigcartel.com| Gold Vest and Silver glitter Gym Shoes http://www.cottonon.com/AU| Reversible Bandana Bib http://www.pikanini.com.au|

Did I ever say Kablooie shorts are just for boys?  No way Jose!  How funky are some statement shorts layered with vibrant tights, fun tees and some awesome headgear? Yes please!!

LETS GET SHORTY!! Layer it up – go crazy with the pattern combinations! 😜😜

Eat Your Greens Shorts http://www.kablooiestore.com| Headwrap http://www.zurimoon.bigcartel.com|  Watermelon Little trinket Necklace http://www.trinketstore.com.au| Viper Cardi (faux leather) http://www.piperandike.com.au| UH OH tee http://www.parenttrapdesign.etsy.com| Checkerboard Leggings http://www.littlelegs.com.au | Silver,gym shoes http://www.cottonon.com/AU|

and last but definitely no less colourful, we have

The VEGORAMA Shorts Colour Blast! I don’t think even I could fit more colour into this outfit!! 🙊😂😂😂



Vegorama Shorts http://www.kablooiestore.com| Viper Cardi http://www.piperandike.com.au| Beanie http://www.hopscotchbaby.madefreshly.com| ladybird Tights  http://www.littlelegs.com.au| Wooden Camera http://www.jollyandco.bigcartel.com| scarf http://www.target.com.au| Gumboots http://www.cottonon.com/AU|

Love what you see? Share the love!! Forward to a friend, or share on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. I’d love to see what your favourite outfit is!

Goodbye drab winter outfits – hellooooo mini trend setters!! Stay tuned for the next mini style guide, coming out next Friday!

[Do you have a friend who’d love this?  Feel free to forward it to them! ] 👌🏻

Insta-Mum spotlight – Fiona from @fee_loves_

This week I caught up with Fiona, the style savvy mum behind the eye catching Instagram account @fee_loves_ .  As well as having a gift for styling and kids decor, this lovely lady is also a strong supporter of shopping small and handmade.  I LOVE scrolling through her gorgeous Instagram feed!  If you haven’t seen it yet – go check it out, it’s addictive 🙊

How would you describe your style?

Style // When it comes to the children’s rooms I love bright, happy and busy spaces. I love using handmade pieces in their rooms especially as main features. The other rooms in the house are very minimal and white with soft touches of colour.

What is your favourite thing to do with your kids?

I love baking with the kids, especially Michael who is almost four as he loves it and wants to be a chef when he is older…this week anyway. We all enjoy the veggie patch planting, watering and harvesting.

If you could do anything, describe your ideal day!

I think my ideal day would start with the kids sleeping in. A little trip down to Barwon Heads to watch the kids paddle in the rock pools and some fish and chips on the beach for lunch. A nice lazy afternoon at home just enjoying each other. A lovely meal and wine with the hubby to end the day.

Can you tell us some of your top store picks for shopping small and handmade?

There are so many handmade stores I love on Instagram! @piccolostudio_sarah for quilts and cushions, @ellieshm for beautiful handmade dresses, and @quackaryhandmade for some funky boys threads.

I love @mitahli_designs for kids decor, @blooms.butterflies.doll.studio for stunning dolls, and @bunyetskahandmade for crochet rugs.

@littlelopbunnies, @rhapsodyandthread, @littlepeachhandmade, and @hellolucy for gorgeous softies.

Some new stores to watch?

@feltinbloom is a new store that make beautiful felt hair accessories.  And @littlewildoak is another new store launching this month with gorgeous name plaques!

Do you have any big goals for 2016?

This year I would really like to start my own product photography business but it is only in the very, very early stages but I hope 2016 is the year I can get started.

Find @fee_loves_ here  …  www.instagram.com/fee_loves_

To check out all the accounts that Fee loves, search each stores account name on Instagram – happy browsing! ❤️

Find me at http://www.instagram.com/kablooiestore or http://www.kablooiestore.com 


Parenting….what the handbook doesn’t tell you…


Parenting – there are more handbooks than there are baby name books, but sometimes you just have to wing it!  I was laughing about parenting stories with friends last week, as we chatted about all those experiences that aren’t in the parenting handbook. Looking back these times are hilarious, but at the time – not so much.

If you’d told me years ago I would have calmly picked another human’s nose without blinking an eye I would have looked at you in horror.  Now don’t get me wrong, parenting is full of amazing moments and everyday wonder, but there’s plenty of gross stuff too!  Here’s some of my highlights (lowlights)….

(Warning, discussion of body fluids and gross stuff ahead!)

The Pooh-nami

One of my first and most vivid nappy experiences – they always stay with you.  In the split second between whipping the old nappy off and grabbing the new one, something exploded.  My obviously very well fed baby let rip an enormous newborn poop.  I was covered like someone had turned on a fire hose.  I turned sideways against the onslaught and the splatter reached 1.5 metres further, to the hall door. My hands dripping,I stood in shock for a good 10 seconds , looking from my front, to the floor and back to my innocent looking bub…. all I can say is that peeling off my clothes was fun.   Never underestimate a newborn.

The esca-Pea

Dinner time – an innocent pile of peas turned into a trip to the emergency department in the blink of an eye.  My 2 year old, in between putting peas in his mouth, decided to stuff one into his nose…..is there ever a reason why with toddlers?  It’s kinda like the Mt Everest quote – ‘because it was there’! 10 minutes later, we’re on the floor with a pile of tissues,  a pair of tweezers and the emergency torch….conceding defeat.  The health hotline assured us a trip to the ED was required in case the pea dropped further down from his nasal passages into his lungs.  4 hours later the pea has been liberated, and toddler and Daddy are back home. I don’t think I served up peas again for a looong time!

Fun At the Pharmacy

Monday morning, heading to the pharmacy to pick up much needed  asthma meds for my oldest.  of course I need them today cos I am so disorganised, will I ever get this meds schedule right?! Three kids under 4.  And me. The oldest in a temporary cast, and pumped full of nurofen – from a suspected broken arm at kindergarten. He’s looking a little green. In all the chaos I forgot he doesn’t tolerate nurofen well.  I grab a sick bag on my way out.  The baby is screaming, tears and snot running down one of my arms as I hold and rock her.  Mr 2 is swinging off railings, but these ones are retractable and collapse under pressure.  I’m starting to think those toddler leashes I hate are a great idea.  Mr 4 is looking green again,…mummy I feel sick.  Baby screams, toddler swings, mr 4 throws up.  I manage to hold out the vomit bag in one hand and catch it all.  I feel like I just scored the winning try in an Olympic grand final.

Now I am juggling a screaming Bub and a full barf bag. Of course, now the attendant calls my name – the meds are ready…!

The bath bomb

Enter the toddler years …I have experienced the bath bomb more times than I care to recount.  All I can say is, if your instinct tells you your toddler is about to poop in the bath,  don’t ignore it!  Call it and rip them out of the bath quicker than you can say holy floating bath bombs, batman! Cos there’s nothing fun about scooping toddler poop out of the bath.  Or scrubbing and disinfecting all the Octonauts ….again.

How about you, what are some of your parenting experiences that you never would have imagined before having kids? I’d love to hear!!

Have a great week peeps!



Insta-Mum Spotlight: Kellie from My Shopping Dreams

InstaBlog in the Spotlight: My Shopping Dreams
If you’re not following @my_shopping_dreams on Instagram or Facebook, get on it! I LOVED finding out more about the face behind the Instablog – Kellie Varidel, mum of two, shopping queen and bargain hunter extraordinaire!

What are 5 fast facts about you?
✏️I’m a Capricorn, ✏️I was obsessed with the Beatles in highschool, ✏️I eat porridge for breakfast most days, ✏️I have travelled from Brisbane to Cairns in a Kombi camper, ✏️I work at a major tourist attraction.

How would you describe your style?
My style is definitely eclectic. That goes for everything from music, to movies, clothes and homewares.

 A Mum Style flatlay put together by Kellie (source: Instagram)

What is your fave thing to do with your kids?
My favourite thing to do with my kids is laugh! Nothing gives me greater joy than making my 2 munchkins laugh.

Describe your ideal day….
My ideal day would be a sleep in, brunch at a nice cafe, some pampering (hair, nails, facial etc), a few hours of shopping (of course), then a date night with my husband. I rarely get kid free time, so my ideal day would be some “me time”. I’m sure a few mums can relate.
(Oh, we totally can!! 🙊)

What are your goals for 2016?
In 2016, I have a couple of goals. My main personal goal is to improve my physical well being and fitness. My goal for ‘My Shopping Dreams’ is to keep sharing amazing finds; and to feature more handmade businesses and local Sunshine Coast businesses.

What is the inspiration behind My Shopping Dreams?
I started My Shopping Dreams as therapy initially, after being diagnosed with post natal depression late last year. Shopping is something I enjoy doing and did fairly frequently, so I thought I would turn a favourite past time into an outlet for helping others discover good deals and awesome finds. I was stoked to find so many other like minded woman (shopaholics) and to now be part of an amazing Instagram community.

You can find My Shopping Dreams here:
Instagram: @my_shopping_dreams
Twitter: @myshoppingdream
Facebook: My Shopping Dreams
Blog: is soon to return