Exciting times! Momentous! Earthshattering! Well, maybe earth shattering is pushing it but I am a little bit excited – my blog has moved to a new home…..but it’s not far. Kinda more like moving to the house around the block rather than across the country…

I have a brank spanking new website, with an expanded online store, and my blog is making a new home there! http://www.kablooiestore.com.au .  Pretty cool, huh?

This year I’m expanding my adult range.  So many requests for cool stuff for grownups.  So I’m delivering.  And along with that, I’m expanding my blog to include all sorts of things quirky, colourful and fashionable for kids and grownups.

So If you wanna keep following along and seeing all the uber cool things I’m blogging about from this point on, come over and visit me and subscribe at http://www.kablooiestore.com.au .  See you soon my friends, and stay colourful!!


Keneena xx


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