30 days, 30 ways for connecting with your child



This week I was given the opportunity to read through a new ebook by Angela Henderson, from the popular online store Finlee and Me – 30 Days, 30 Ways for connecting with your child.

Author Angela Henderson from @finleeandme states: “In a world where we’re becoming busier and busier this means we’re connecting less with our kids and losing our relationship with them.”

So… Angela created this book to make connecting with your child easy, effortless and engaged even in the midst of busy days and hectic seasons, with a bite-sized, actionable, everyday tips.

30 Days, 30 Ways of Connecting with Your Child is a fun and interactive way of making memories from simple moments, savoured sweetly with our children.

Brimming with simple, easy-to-do ideas that cost nothing or very little, each daily activity is designed to make bonding with kids, intentional and interactive.

She has given me an exclusive offer to share with you – she’s offering $5.00 off when you purchase her eBook. Simply go to her website http://www.finleeandme.com.au and search book and at check out use coupon code CONNECT to take $5.00 off.

Also don’t forget to follow her on Instagram for everything baby/toddler/kids and Mothers at @finleeandme


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